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We cater for all types of events including weddings, graduations, class reunions, anniversaries, birthdays, holiday parties and business meetings. We will provide you with a unique modern presentation.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate or a business meeting, our menu offers more to choose from.


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About Pastry Is Art

Chef Jenny Rissone

About the Chef

Executive Pastry Chef Jenny Rissone

In the very competitive world of desserts, cakes and pastries, the name Chef Jenny Rissone is fast becoming popular. People all over are talking about her unbelievable dessert creations. Not long ago, Chef Rissone appeared on Univision and Channel 6 News to show off her incredible 17-foot tall chocolate Christmas tree which was made with 500 pounds of chocolate.

As Founder and visionary Director of the dazzling new company Pastry is Art, award-winning Chef Rissone is the artistic genius behind every mouth-watering pastry, every sensuous dessert and each sumptuous cake that Pastry Is Art produces.

Rissone has more than fifteen years experience in the pastry field. She is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Lima, Peru. While still in Peru, Rissone was hired by Don Mamino’s (a well-known and very respected bakery chain) and given the position of Chief Pastry Chef in charge of their various bakeries in the city.

On the culinary scene, Rissone soon became known for her talent for creating breathtaking pastry and dessert art, her uncanny ability to work as a team with superiors, staff, and the general public as well as her dedication to customer satisfaction, her attention to detail, her bright, energetic personality and her professionalism.

After moving to Miami, Rissone became Executive Pastry Chef for some of the most prestigious hotels in the area: Trump International Beach Resort, Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa in Ft. Lauderdale and Eden Roc Renaissance Resort and Spa in Miami Beach. Now, Chef Jenny dedicates herself to her own company, Pastry Is Art, bringing the benefit of her many years of experience as well as latest pastry trends to you.

About Pastry Is Art

Pastry is Art was founded by Chef Jenny Rissone because she felt there was a need in the industry to have a pastry company that would work with hotels, restaurants and you.

The vision of Pastry is Art is to offer a completely interactive service which assures customer satisfaction and to deliver a unique, very high quality product which until now has been available only in high end resorts.

We offer a unique selection of exquisite, custom-made pastries, desserts and cakes (even state-of-the-art wedding cakes) suitable for banquets and events of any size in hotels and restaurants.

We pride ourselves on being able to design Pastry as Art presentations which are modern in appearance, and in keeping with the theme of the event. If you can think it, we can create it!!

We are proud of the time and effort that goes into each of our creations, and we look forward to sharing our passion for good food and our ideas about good service with you. We welcome you as a partner or as a client, and offer our best efforts to serve your needs.

Our Service

Pastry is Art makes fresh, flavorful upscale-casual pastry products prepared from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. We make everything by hand—from our delicious wedding cakes and flavorful cookies to our mini pastries and desserts. The product that I bring to your table are unique creations for any event.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate or a business meeting, our new catering menu offers more to choose from. We specialize in wedding cakes, children's cakes, birthday cakes and much more. we also carry a unique line of mini pastries and classics with a unique modern presentation that will make your event a success, the type you can only find at a big hotel or fine dining restaurant. Share the good times and let us create a unique custom piece for your next event that is sure to impress your friends and family! Like our namesake says we believe Pastry is Art.

We look forward to sharing our passion for good food and service with you, and welcome you as our potential client. We are proud of the time and effort that goes into preparing each of our cakes and pastries and look forward to serving you.

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Banquet Desserts

  • Breakfast

    This is definitely not your classic breakfast Danish. Taste the flavor of Florida in every bite! Our delicious coffee calces can be made with guava, banana, dulce de leche, guava and cheese, key lime, or maybe even some Cuban pastelitos with guava, pineapple, guava and cheese or coconut.

  • Lunch

    I know, I know ... Everyone is on a budget at lunch. Budget doesn't mean it has to be boring. Pastry is Art has created some exciting (and we mean REALLY exciting) alternatives for the discerning lunch crowd .. .for instance, our new line of sandwich calces like red velvet and cream cheese dipped in white chocolate or our chocolate key lime sandwich cake dipped in dark chocolate. Our favorite is the carrot cake sandwich with white chocolate and croquant.

    You just have to try our sheet calces. Yes! They are inexpensive but they are fun to plate because they're not just a wedge. They come in many different flavors. Maybe you'll like our key lime pie or cheesecake or- if you dare, try our newest flavors.

Our Consulting Services

Whether you are changing your banquet menus or opening a new restaurant, Chef Jenny Rissone will work with your concepts and ideas and make sure they fit your standards and budget. She will train your cooks and pastry cooks so that they can successfully make and plate the Pastry is Art desserts. In addition, she will train the front of the house to properly offer and sell the desserts.


We have a wonderful variety of banquet desserts available. Take your pick. We have designed our menu to fit yours. Italian, French, Floridian, Mexican, Mediterranean ... with Chef Rissone and Pastry is Art you can find it all!!!

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“Pastry is Art makes fresh, flavorful upscale-casual pastry products prepared from the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.”

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