This are our new creation available for our customers, wether is a mini dessert, a vip shooter or a plated dessert.

  • Cheesecake bites: Cheesecake bite crusted with puff rice crunchy and infused with yur favorite flavor. Just squeeze...!!!
  • Flourless lollipops: You can't go wrong with this option. Smooth chocolate pop, no flour just pure silky chocolate..
  • Cake pops: Your favorite flavors, vanilla rum, red velvet, chocolate ganage. They are all coated with chocolate and topped with yoir favorite decor.
  • Mojito: White chocolate mousse with a shot of rum.
  • Mango runner: Mango mousse with a shoot of rum
  • Tiramisu: Not your traditional shapped but definiteley the best flavor and presentation, also comes with a shoot of Khalua.